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Arched canopies - functionality or facade decoration?

Aesthetic polycarbonate canopies are not only a decorative addition to the facade, but also protection against sun, rain and snow. Functional polycarbonate canopies will work well above the entrance door, as well as on balconies and terraces. What are they characterized by and how to choose the right type?

Finishing the space in front of the house is one of the last stages of renovation works. In addition to the choice of facade colors and decorative elements, it is also worth considering polycarbonate canopies in the design. They significantly improve the functionality of balconies and are also useful above the entrance door. Properly selected, they can improve the appearance of the external facade.

Polycarbonate canopies - characteristics
Roofs over entrance doors or balconies are nothing new. In urban architecture, they are often made of concrete slabs, and in industry - of corrugated sheets. Sometimes it was possible to find coverings made of reinforced glass, which, however, were susceptible to mechanical damage and were quite heavy. The development of technology in the field of plastics production has made polycarbonate canopies very popular nowadays.

Covers made of this material have all the features that the previously mentioned types of roofing lacked. They are transparent and let the sun's rays through. In some variants, they are made of darkened material, so they can limit the access of light in highly sunny places. Polycarbonate canopies are light and easy to install, so there is no need to build additional structures for them.

The durability of the material is an extremely important feature that deserves special mention. Unlike many plastics, it is well resistant to sunlight, moisture or changing temperatures. That is why polycarbonate canopies are perfect for outdoor spaces and will retain their appearance and functionality for many years.
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