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Canopies over the entrance door - shape

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Canopies over the entrance door - shapes

The shape of the roof above the front door will work in our house. It should refer to the style of the house, the shape of the roof, or the form of other architectural features. Flat roofs are the most universal - they fit both modernist and traditional houses with sloping roofs. Their sparse form usually does not collide with other details. The simple shape resembles typical windows or doors and harmonizes perfectly with them. Gable roofs are also very popular. The roof over the door in this shape usually has the same form and angle of inclination as the roof house. They are often elements of traditional modest buildings and referring to the manor house architecture. Arched canopies are an attractive proposition. When installing them, make sure that the highest point of the arch corresponds to the center of the entrance door. The shape of this type of canopies may refer to the arched lintels of windows or doors. This form can also diversify a simple cube-house.
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