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Cleaning the gutter system

The first stage of gutters maintenance is clearing them, i.e. removing any contaminants remaining in them, which may impede the flow of water and its discharge from the roof. Leaves, fragments of branches, moss and other impurities are removed from the gutters by hand. We can use an ordinary short-bristle brush or a special spatula for this purpose. There are also special brushes for cleaning gutters with a telescopic handle, which will facilitate cleaning work - we also do not have to climb a ladder. Be careful not to scratch the gutters, as this could scratch the protective coating, e.g. steel gutters, and expose them to rust - so it is better not to use sharp objects for cleaning. Small contaminants - leaf fragments or sand - can be simply rinsed out, e.g. with a garden hose or a pressure washer. It is also worth pouring water into the drain pipes to check that it is flowing downwards. If the flow is disturbed, it means that the drain pipes need to be unblocked. Leaving blockages may have unpleasant consequences, e.g. rainwater will overflow outside the gutter, causing dirty stains on the walls of the house. In extreme cases, water can penetrate under the eaves, dampening the wooden truss and the thermal insulation layer. When cleaning downpipes, all kinds of inspection, so-called cleaners, are easier. Also check the drainage pipe drain. When it does not end with an elbow, but enters the house pavement, into the septic tank, it should be opened and the accumulated dirt thrown out of the basket. In order to protect the downspouts from clogging with contaminants that are flushed from the gutter surface, it is advisable to place special baskets at the inlet before cleaning the guttering to keep the contamination away.
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