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Handyman advice : How to choose a door ?

Interior doors must not only be functional, but also complement the interior arrangement. However, given the huge variety of models, designs and colors, you may find that choosing a door is not a simple task.

Basic types and materials of interior doors

The basic division of interior doors distinguishes tilt, swing, swivel, sliding, accordion and folding models. The most popular and most often chosen are undoubtedly hinged doors, opening to the left or right side.

Interior doors are most often made of wood, wood-based panels or glass. Wooden models are mainly made of pine, ash, beech, mahogany or oak.

For the production of wood-based panels, MDF or HDF, i.e. wood fibers or chips glued under high pressure, are used. Glass doors, on the other hand, are mainly made of tempered or glued glass.

Full and glass doors

Another division of internal doors distinguishes between full, partially-glazed and glazed models. Full door to the room is best for bright rooms, well lit with natural light.

Glazed models will be recommended for dark interiors with small or north-facing windows. On the other hand, partially glazed doors should be installed in bathrooms, toilets or children's rooms.

When choosing a partially or fully glazed door, we will also have to choose between transparent, metallic or opal glass, otherwise known as satin glass. Some glazing in the door is additionally decorated with smooth or convex patterns.

Which door handle should I choose?

The door comes complete with fittings, but we usually have to choose the handles ourselves. The handles are most often made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum or artificial materials.

On the other hand, among the door handles available in stores, there are those with simple knobs, richly decorated, stylized and brass.
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