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Handymanoxford advice: Gutter maintenance - minor repairs

Handymanoxford advice: Gutter maintenance - minor repairs
When cleaning the gutters, we can notice scratches - this especially applies to steel gutters. We paint such places with touch-up varnish. When there is a lot of damage, it is worth replacing the gutters with new ones. Before winter and spring, let's take a close look at not only the gutters themselves, but also the supporting elements, i.e. hooks (also known as gorges). In winter, they are particularly vulnerable to damage and tearing off by snow, often wet and heavy in the gutters, and by hanging icicles. Fastening elements must support this weight, should be firmly attached and undamaged. It is also worth checking the condition of the gutter hooks after the thaw. Those that were damaged during the winter should be replaced with new ones. The maintenance of the gutters should also include checking whether the clamps supporting the downspouts have not been damaged or loosened. The gutters should also be checked for possible damage. Make sure that none of them are torn, cracked or rusted.

Handyman Tom Oxford/Witney
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