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Handymanoxford advice: Roof cleaning: cement tiles, gutter repair, gutter cleaning

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The gutter system plays a very important role - it is responsible for the efficient drainage of water from the roof and beyond the building. Regular maintenance of the gutter system will allow you to detect any damage or other irregularities in advance and avoid dampening of the walls of the building with water leaking from the gutters.

Gutter maintenance should be carried out at least once a year. The best solution, however, is to inspect the gutter system twice a year - in the spring and later in the fall. In the first case, the maintenance will allow to properly prepare the gutters for the new season and make sure that they are properly prepared to discharge a large amount of spring rain, in the second case it will prepare the gutters for winter - it will allow e.g. make sure that they will be able to bear the weight of residual snow and hanging icicles without the risk of damaging and unsealing the gutter system. The maintenance of the gutters consists in periodic cleaning of the dirt accumulating inside the channels, checking the fixing systems and the tightness of the guttering.

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