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Handymanoxford advice: Types of external doors

The front door is the most important element of the house. It is they that separate a safe space from the outside world. However, it is not only a protective function, but also a showcase of our house.

The most frequently chosen type of external doors are those made of wood. This type of door is most often made of deciduous trees - oak, mahogany - but also of conifers - pine, spruce or exotic trees - teak reigns supreme here. Wood is selected as the material for the production of external doors mainly due to its high durability. However, wood is also a good insulator - which is extremely important in four different seasons of the year. One of the most frequently mentioned disadvantages of wood is its heterogeneous structure and sensitivity to humidity.

When choosing a wooden door, you must not forget about the door frame. They should be made of solid and solid wood. There are frames available on the market, which are additionally reinforced with aluminum inserts. Wooden doors are very often not just a simple piece of wood - they feature interesting decorations and carvings.

Another material used in the production of doors is PVC, to increase their strength, aluminum inserts are used. Doors made of this material are definitely cheaper than doors made of solid wood. Doors made of this material can also be easily adapted to all needs - but do not expect sophisticated finishes that can be found in wooden doors.

The third most frequently chosen material for exterior doors is aluminum. This material is chosen because of its lightness and high strength. However, this material is so expensive that most people choose wooden doors.

Materials such as PVC or aluminum are most often selected for exterior doors used in blocks. Wooden doors, on the other hand, can be found most often in the case of detached houses.
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