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Handymanoxford advice: Which wood fence to choose?

Idyllic with a picket or modern with panels - the fence is also a very important element of the house surroundings. It can make the whole thing coherent, as long as it is ideally suited to the other spatial elements on the property.

The first factor to consider is the material your fence will be made of. Here, however, the choice is obvious, because wooden fences are the most traditional in Oxford. Their installation is much easier than that of heavy and concrete ones. The wood is durable and withstands changing weather conditions well.

In addition, you can plan a different effect, depending on what kind of wood the fence will be made of, and in what color it should be. Universal types of wood such as pine, spruce or larch are well suited for fences. Fences of more exclusive species are made less frequently. The fence can be repainted at any time, and the choice of wood paints and impregnations is virtually unlimited.
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