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Handymanoxford advice : The art of properly attaching accessories to the door

The door is a showcase of the house, so it is worth ensuring that additional accessories are installed carefully and accurately.

a) Handles - are an indispensable technical element that allows for proper and safe use of the door and at the same time constitutes an original decoration

b) Knobs - an alternative to a handle that works well with interior doors. They can be made of wood, metals and even synthetic materials

c) Knockers - a modern and fashionable equivalent of a doorbell. They give the property a character of uniqueness and uniqueness, emphasizing in a special way the owners' love of tradition and ancient culture

d) Letter slots - they have a practical function, they allow you to easily and comfortably leave letters or leaflets. It is also a perfect door decoration, enhancing their aesthetics and visual side

e) Business cards - usually made of metal or wood, decorative elements that define the character of the premises or room. They work well in private homes and apartments, indicating the surname of the owners, as well as in public institutions and companies


You can install most of the accessories on the door yourself, without the need for professional assistance. However, it should be remembered that each solution has its own laws and thus requires appropriate tools.


The machine oil necessary during the assembly of the handle will certainly not be used when installing the business card. The first step in this matter is to read the manual carefully, where you can find a number of useful tips and advice. The material from which the door is made is also important. Most often it is wood, although metal and synthetic doors can also be found.


The basic tools used when installing accessories on the door are a drill with an appropriately sized drill bit, a set of keys, an electric jigsaw or a hole saw and a chisel.
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