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How to install a canopy/porch over the door?

The roof over the entrance door is a very practical detail, and at the same time positively influencing the aesthetics of the facade. Whether it will meet our expectations depends on its appropriate selection to the style of the house's architecture, dimensions of the door and platform, as well as professional mounting. How to install a canopy over the door so that it fulfills its function for years?

It is worth choosing to install a roof over the front door mainly because of the safety and comfort of users. A covered landing or stairs leading to the house will not be slippery under the influence of rain, snow or ice. Freezing and defrosting water can also cause damage to external doors and tiles forming the surface cladding in the entrance zone. Their replacement is certainly more expensive and cumbersome than the installation of a canopy over the outer door. The roofing is not a difficult task. The type of roof structure, the shape of the roof, the roofing material or the building material and the technology in which the walls of the house are erected have an influence on how to mount the canopy over the door.

How to build a canopy over the door - the choice of structure
The roof above the entrance is usually a structure made of metal (steel or aluminum) or, less frequently, wooden supports. The structures are most often fixed with anchors in the wall above the door - a reinforced concrete ring or masonry material, e.g. concrete or ceramic blocks. Reinforced concrete canopies are rare. The canopy structure can also be independent of the building wall - then it is supported on pillars, and its extension can be e.g. a porch or a column portico. There are also mixed solutions, in which the structure of the canopy is based both on the wall and on poles, which can be the starting point for the construction of side shields. The easiest to make are flat monopitch canopies, they can be based on the wall or on poles or have a mixed structure. Gable roofs are also very popular - they are usually elements of houses with traditional architecture and refer to the shape of the roof of the building. They are found, among others in houses inspired by manor houses. Arch-shaped canopies, as well as triple and shed roofs are also becoming more and more popular. They are often attractive ready-made canopies or canopies made to order.
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