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Log houses/Summer house - the use of traditional building materials in modern housing construction

Wood is a natural, human-friendly material that has been used in construction almost always. Initially, it was the basic building material, but over the centuries it was gradually replaced by other materials. In contemporary residential architecture, wood is mainly used for the construction of roof trusses, stairs, and also as an elegant and durable finishing material. Recently, however, it is coming back into favor as the basic building material in residential construction. Log houses are becoming more and more popular as a traditional replacement for brick houses.

In terms of foundation, log houses practically do not differ from built-up houses. Only the cross-section of their strip footing may be slightly smaller, because a light wooden structure does not generate such heavy loads as a standard brickwork. The foundation walls of the log house should be carefully insulated, for this purpose, thermal insulation should be used, also on the inside. A log house, like a brick house, may have a basement. For this purpose, a wooden ceiling is built on the ground floor level.

The building material for log houses is mainly coniferous wood obtained from pine, larch and fir. It is made of dry wood, the humidity of which is 14-19%, as well as green wood, the humidity of which exceeds 19%. The most valuable wood is harvested in winter, because the trees do not generate sap then. Before the wood is used for construction, it must be properly processed. The basic process is planing to strip the bark and smooth the surface. Then they are subjected to drying and then steaming, which eliminates fungi, their spores and insects. Wood impregnation is also very important, as it provides protection and durability

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