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Porch & Front Door Canopies

Porch & Front Door Canopies 

Installation of a canopy over the door - proper fixing

Handymanoxford advice:

If we already have the designated roof mounting points, we can start drilling the mounting holes. After drilling them, clean them, e.g. a vacuum cleaner or a cleaning rod. Suitable anchors can be inserted into the unblocked hole. Their type depends on the wall material. In the case of concrete blocks, plastic anchors are used, steel anchors are used for ceramic hollow blocks, and in wooden houses, the roofs are fixed with screws. The installation of the canopy in a two-layer wall requires the use of distance sleeves, length adjusted to the thickness of the insulation. Thanks to the sleeves, the structure is strengthened and stabilized, and the thermal insulation is not damaged. For installation in a two-layer wall, it is also necessary to insert chemical anchors, which are placed in the mounting holes, and only into the prepared holes are the mounting anchors inserted. When the anchors are ready, the roof can be placed over them and the plugs fitted. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the protruding anchors. Finally, the connection between the roof and the wall must be sealed. A good choice will be a flexible, colorless polyurethane sealant that works perfectly in our weather conditions.


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