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Porch & Front Door Which roof / porch over the front door should you choose?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Porch & Front Door Canopies

Which roof / porch over the front door should you choose?

Handymanoxford advice:

The roof over the entrance door is both practical and aesthetic. It can be an important detail influencing the style of the building. It is also an important functional element. Which door canopy should be chosen to fulfill these functions?

The roof over the entrance door may be an element resulting from the building structure. Often, the function of the roof can be an arcade or an eaves protruding beyond the wall. This role is also played by a bay window or a balcony overhanging the entrance door. A flat roof above the door can also be closely related to the architecture of a house inspired by modernism, while the gable roofs fit into houses close to the manor house architecture. However, it often happens that none of these forms has been designed, so it is worth trying to install a roof over the entrance door. Even the simplest roof will protect us from snow or rain, make it easier to keep the landing and entrance stairs clean, and will also raise the importance of the entrance area. We have so many possibilities that we can easily choose a roof that matches the style of the building and the needs of its users.

Wooden and metal roofs over the entrance doors
When choosing a roofing, the construction of the roof plays a significant role. Most often they are cantilever structures. The form of the structure and the material from which it is made can have a key impact on the style of the roof. Their form can be very simple, even minimalist, or more elaborate, enriched with decorative elements. For example, arched structures or two or more pitched structures have such a decorative character. We obtain a modern image of the facade by installing a roof with a structure in the form of an extraction. Roof frames are most often made of steel or aluminum elements, which can be powder coated - shades of gray, white and brown dominate. A more original color can be obtained on request. Metal structures are very durable and solid. Many supporters also have wooden canopies. These details perfectly harmonize with the traditional architecture of, for example, rustic-style houses. Spruce or pine wood is mostly used for wooden roofs above the entrance door, it can be glued in layers or solid. The structure should be protected against mold and fungi. Ready canopies over the door are often finished with varnish or stain or coloring impregnation. The offer also includes PVC constructions. The roof over the entrance door can also be made of reinforced concrete
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