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Terraces with wooden floors - how to arrange them?

The wooden floor on the terrace is a stylish and solid solution. Installation of such a floor, however, requires professional skills, and often costs a lot. Is there a solution that has the advantages of wood, and is also inexpensive and easy to install? It turns out that yes! Composite board - what is it

Durable, tasteful and cheap - these are composite decking boards. Their advantages result from the combination of the best features of natural materials and synthetic polyethylenes. The use of bamboo, the fastest growing tree in the world as a filler, contributes to the low price of the material. The binder is high-quality HDPE polyethylene, which is produced from… plastic bottles! Such a combination results not only from the pursuit of ecological use of waste.

The main advantages of a composite board
Composite boards (WPC), thanks to the use of synthetic materials in the production, have advantages that make it easier to keep the parquet in good condition for a long time. Composites are not afraid of insects and rodents. They are also fully resistant to rot, which makes them suitable for rooms with a high degree of moisture. Anyone who can screw in a light bulb can handle their installation, because this type of parquet is laid by joining special crosses.

Characteristics of a composite board
The maintenance of composite boards is as simple as their installation: they do not require any maintenance, oiling or impregnation. Water and a brush are enough to keep it clean. The wide range of colors, patterns and patterns in which the terrace boards are offered, together with their high resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, make them a place on the outdoor terrace floor.

Where to lay parquet from a composite board?
Light enough that their installation does not require special preparations, composite boards will look great as a complement to the appearance of the space outside the home. Below we present two ideas for using WPC panels in the arrangement of the terrace. They can also inspire the appearance of your gazebo, both in the home garden and on the plot.

Terrace arrangement - put on wicker!
Wicker furniture is nice to look at, ecological and stylish - at the same time! And, like no other, they can create a cozy, slightly rustic atmosphere in any space in which they are located. So choose a wicker if you want to add a warm look to your terrace. Furniture made of wooden braid will perfectly match a bright terrace board. They will also look good against a background of raw brick. The dominant colors in this arrangement should be bright, but also slightly dimmed so as to create an atmosphere of, let's call it, mock maturity that should dominate such a terrace. In combination with the flowers surrounding them (we recommend the "grandma's" geraniums!), Wicker furniture will create a charming asylum for anyone who needs a moment to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The arrangement of the terrace in a minimalist style
However, if the cozy patio is not entirely to your taste, we have a completely different proposal for you! The minimalist decor of the terrace may seem too dry to some, but it will work perfectly well especially in those houses that have excellent views around. The arrangement in this type does not obscure your eyesight, and will let a lot of light inside, and when you cover the floor with a light composite board, the whole thing will become even clearer.
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