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What kind of roof over the door - made of polycarbonate, ceramic or maybe tin?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

What kind of roof over the door - made of polycarbonate, ceramic or maybe what-kind-of-roof-over-the-door-made-of-polycarbonate-ceramic-or-maybe-tintin?
The way the roof of the entrance zone will look and function is influenced not only by its structure, but also by the covering material. It should be adjusted to the slope angle of the roof, therefore we cannot use, for example, tiles or wooden shingles on a flat roof. Universal material are e.g. bituminous shingles. Their advantage is lightness and low price, but they require full formwork. It is also possible to lay a flat sheet on many types of roofs. One of the best solutions is the repetition of the covering applied on the house roof. However, if we cannot use it, it is worth reaching for translucent coatings such as polycarbonate plates or acrylic glass. PVC sheets are also used.

The advantages of this type of materials include their aesthetic neutrality, which makes them harmonize well with facades in both traditional and modern styles. In buildings referring to industrial architecture, it is worth using roofs covered with polycarbonate trapezoidal plates. The most expensive are transparent canopies made of safety glass. Due to their high transparency, this type of cover does not shade the entrance platform. However, due to their transparency, they require a well-developed structure - under the transparent cover, we will not hide any design imperfections or manufacturing flaws.
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