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Which laminate flooring is the best to choose? Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring have been present in many Oxford and Witney homes for years. Floor panels are usually cheaper than wood, are heat-resistant, also look great and are very practical. But what to pay attention to when buying laminate flooring so that our joy does not turn out to be premature?

Construction and composition of floor panels

The floor panels are partly made of wood. The core of their construction is HDF board, about 80-90 percent. made of wood fibers. HDF board, in contrast to the chipboard used earlier, is distinguished by better properties, appropriate density and strength, as well as high resistance.

Pattern and decorative motifs of the panels

The enormous variety of patterns and colors of the panels is largely due to the almost infinite imagination of the designers. Of course, the stores do not lack the well-known, classic shades of oak, ash, beech, birch or pine, but those who want a bit of exoticism in their own home can also choose an imitation of a tiger tree.

The greatest lovers of tradition can also recommend floor panels that resemble ancient oak boards. The panels in this style have not only the right look, but also a well-worn and slightly rough texture.

Interestingly, there are also more and more floor panels, which are a really good, real-looking imitation of stone. Popular manufacturers of panels from around the world regularly enrich their offer with panels resembling, for example, white limestone.

Basic parameters of floor panels

During the purchase, we should pay attention to several parameters that determine the quality and subsequent comfort of use of the floor panels. These include, first of all, thickness, abrasion, texture and gloss

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