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Which wooden fence will be the best near the house?

Which wooden fence will be the best near the house?
Rail fence

A picket fence is a classic solution that can be found around many Oxfordshire houses. It perfectly complements both idyllic country estates and city mansions, which try to refer to traditional patterns with their atmosphere. Standard picket fence is approx. 120-160 cm high. The shorter (40 - 60 cm) fences are used in gardens. It is a graceful way to separate individual parts of a plot or flowerbed from the path.

The picket fence is universal because the individual types are diverse, so it is easy to adjust it to your needs. It is worth noting that chickens, dogs or other domestic and farm animals will not get through such a fence. That is why it is such a frequently used type of fence in villages and around cities.

Protective fence

In the city, it is not always possible to use a classic rail fence, which does not provide complete privacy. In a typical urban development, where the windows of neighbors are often only a few meters of space, a tighter solution will work. Especially on the street level, where otherwise passers-by would certainly be peeking into the garden or apartment through the fence.

The height can be selected individually, although most often customers choose such fences reaching a height of up to 2 meters. Another plus is the great protection against wind and sun. Although they seem heavy, most models are made of ready-made panels or spans that can be combined into a light but impermeable structure.
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