• Adam Smith

Wood appearance laminate panel

Updated: Jun 14

Wood appearance laminate panel is a solution that combines the timeless charm of wooden decorative motifs with the reliability of modern finishing solutions. BOLIX Wood Effect Panel faithfully reproduces the effect of a real board thanks to the clear motifs of a board fingerprint and knots. The method of fixing, flexibility and weight mean that we quickly and easily obtain a unique board effect in the selected color on the facade.

- 5 patterns of panels imitated from a real wooden board thanks to the BOLIX technology of imitating rings and knots
- High impact resistance
- Ease of installation and adjustment of panels on the facade
- Durability of the solution, resistance to weather conditions
- Lower production cost vs real wooden board
- Ease of maintenance and renovation
- 10 colors of stains + preparation giving the effect of varnish stain
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